Vision & Guiding Principles

This vision and guiding principles established by the partners are:

The Lake Superior Headwaters Sustainability Partnership establishes an inclusive and intentional framework for how and where we work to achieve a thriving estuary landscape and community. The principles of sustainability, resiliency, and equity guide our approach to managing our natural resources by including economic development and community health and well-being considerations.

In order to achieve this vision, we need to:

  • Take a holistic approach to protecting and restoring the natural resources of the St. Louis River Estuary and surrounding watersheds that can be scaled up geographically over time,
  • Build and improve the existing capacity and processes that enable us to work collaboratively,
  • Work to improve ecological integrity and resiliency while furthering a sustainable relationship between humans and the environment,
  • Incorporate human community needs and provide access to ecosystem services in an equitable manner,
  • Develop trust and legitimacy in our efforts through knowledge sharing and effective facilitation, and
  • Proactively identify emerging issues that may negatively impact achieving a healthy and thriving landscape.